Energy Certificates

Since 2013 it is now law that every property for sale must now provide an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) also known as Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC / EEC) is a report that describes how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption. It assigns an energy rating to each home on a scale which ranges from “A” (the most efficient) to “G” (the least efficient). The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC / EEC) is valid for 10 years. This means owners will not have to obtain a new certificate during this period unless they renovate or change the property in any way. The Government will fine any property owners offering property for sale that do not have an EPC. It is a legal requirement that lawyers have a copy of this Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC / EPC) before they are allowed to complete on a property sale. Most Spanish properties are built to remain cool in the hot climate, not keep heat in, so expect nearly all resale properties to have a low rating (normally around an E). Don’t worry you are not obliged to make any improvements to your property, if your property has a low rating.

Overseas Dreams have an EPC / EEC Archetect that is kept very busy supplying Energy Efficiency Certificates to all our vendors, so we can offer some very competitive rates. 

Apartment / Penthouse

Up to 100 sqm = 110 € + IVA 

101 to 150 sqm = 125 € + IVA

151 to 200 sqm = 145 € + IVA

201 to 250 sqm = 170 € + IVA

Townhouse / Villa

Up to 120 sqm = 130 € + IVA

121 to 200 sqm = 145 € + IVA

201 to 300 sqm = 180 € + IVA

301 to 400 sqm = 220 € + IVA

If you need an EEC / EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your property, contact us now or simply complete the contact form and one of our team will arrange for our EEC Architect to visit your property.